Perfect Provision (Joshua 5:12)

Joshua 5:12 – And the manna ceased the day after they ate of the produce of the land. And there was no longer manna for the people of Israel, but they ate of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.

God is truly in control. Joshua and all the nation of Israel were fed by God supernaturally for forty years while they wandered in the wilderness. However, as soon as the manna was no longer needed, God stopped sending it. The manna came when it was needed, and it stopped when it was no longer needed. God provided, just as he had promised.

Sometimes we worry, thinking that our needs might not be met. Sometimes we get all stressed out about whether or not we will be able to accomplish a task to which God has assigned us. But if we take a moment to remember the miracle of the manna, we will recognize that God provides exactly what is required for his will to be done. He does not provide too much, and so allow us to treat his provision as frivolous or take it for granted. He does not provide too little, so we would be in want and speak out against him. He gives exactly what is needed for the situation, and he never fails.

Without trying to figure out personally specific things that God has called you to do, it might be comforting, today, for you to think about the general commands that God has placed before you. For example, he has called you to love him with all your heart. He has called you to go and make disciples of all nations. He has called you to love your neighbor as yourself. If he has made these calls on your life, and he has done this for all believers, he will also provide you with the resources necessary to accomplish the task. He does not do the work for you—he calls you to obey him—, but neither does he leave you without exactly what you need in order to be able to accomplish his will. So, you and I have no excuse. If we fail to do God’s will, it is because we have chosen not to, not because he hasn’t given us what we need. When we do obey God, he is the one to glorify, because he has supplied us with everything we need to accomplish the task.

Lord, I recognize from the miracle of the manna that you provide your children with everything that they need to accomplish your will. I pray that you will forgive me for ever making excuses for any reason why I might not have obeyed you in the past. I recognize now that any time I have ever disobeyed you was my own doing, not yours. I also recognize that anytime I have obeyed you, it was your power that supplied my needs to help me to do your will. I pray that you will continue to give me all that I need to obey your will. I want to serve you. I desire to obey you. Please supply my needs, and help me to be motivated to honor your name forever.