Truth or Error (1 John 4:6)

1 John 4:6 – We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

John the apostle wrote this verse to make it very plain who is on God’s side and who is not. Another bottom-line test to look and see if you are on the side of God and the side of truth instead of the side of the devil and error is to ask yourself if you listen to what the apostles say. They have written for us the truth of God as revealed by God. They were God’s chosen instruments for conveying his revelation of himself and preserving that revelation for all generations. They were the men he chose to write down his revelation in the Bible.

All who follow God listen to the apostles. That is to say that all who follow God hear, believe, and obey the holy scriptures. For such people, the Bible is the ultimate standard of truth, because the Bible is the revelation of God. All who are on the side of truth are on the side of the scriptures.

All who are opposed to truth and who are on the side of error refuse to listen to the apostles and thus the scriptures. Those who are on the side of error follow instead the counsel of the world. They look to lost men to find out how to make their lives more meaningful and full. They adopt the standards of the world, excusing what God has clearly called sin. Sometimes, they excuse sin, instead applying to the sins of men the terminology of sickness in a vain attempt to make those who are clearly guilty of sin appear not guilty. They make feeling good about yourself the top priority of their lives, and miss the call of the scriptures to do all things to the glory of God.

Today, ask yourself whose side are you on. Are you on the side of truth or error? Do you listen to the teachings of the apostles in the scriptures, or do you follow the deceptively foolish counsel of lost men? Does your life look like one that is led by the word of God or by the standards and goals of the world? And, if you believe that your life is led by the scriptures, what do you actively do to make sure that you are truly devoted to the word of God? How do you study the scriptures? How do you memorize the scriptures? Are you truly devoted to God’s word, or are you only saying that to yourself because you know it to be the right answer to a “churchy” question?

Dear Lord, I pray that you will enable me to be devoted to your holy word. I want to be on the side of truth. I want to be devoted to the teaching of your apostles who delivered for all generations your perfect revelation of yourself. Let my life be marked by the scripture in a real and meaningful way. Let me not give your word mere lip service. Let me instead be one who is fully focused on your revelation of yourself in your word as my standard for life and godliness.