Beginning in the Beginning (Genesis 1:1)

Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

It’s a new year, and with a new year comes a fresh look into the word of God. And though many of the passages that I read this morning captured my attention and imagination, it seems only fitting that I take a moment to ponder the depth and beauty of the very first verse in all of the scriptures.

The truth is, if Genesis 1:1 is true, everything that the Bible has to say to us makes perfect sense. If Genesis 1:1 is not true, then everything that the Bible says is meaningless. This verse, though perhaps not the most important of all (hard to say which verse of infinite importance is more infinitely important than another), Genesis 1:1 is a verse that is a foundational pillar of everything we believe. This verse establishes for us many major truths; among these would be God’s priority, his right of ownership, and his power.

First, ponder with me for a moment the fact that Genesis 1:1 introduces to us God’s priority. God exists prior to the very beginning. If God created the universe in the beginning,, the only logical conclusion that we can come to is that God existed before the beginning. God has no beginning. He eternally exists. This is why, when giving us his name in Exodus 3:14, he calls himself “I Am.” Thus, Genesis 1:1 is crucial to our establishing an understanding of our God as the always-present, ever-existing, eternal Lord of all. Nothing and no one is before him. No one can say to God, “Hey, I was here first.” God is God, and he is God for all eternity past, present, and future.

Second, ponder with me God’s right of ownership. If God created everything, he holds in himself the right of ownership of everything. IF you or I fashion something, taking materials that we buy with our hard-earned money, and shaping them into a product of some worth, we assume that we own said product. We do not think, not even for a minute, that the product has right over us to tell us how it should be used. IF this is true in small when thinking of you, me, and our craftsmanship, how much more true is it in large when thinking of God who created the universe out of nothing. God did not rely on another for the building materials. Nothing existed other than God at the point of creation. God created a universe by his own power, by his own will, and for his own glory. As the Creator of all, God holds right of ownership over all the universe. No one and nothing in the universe has the right to say to God that he does not have full right of ownership over him, her, or it. If you were created by God, and you were, you are his property. He has the right to do with you as pleases him.

Third, ponder with me the power of God as displayed in creation. I made reference, earlier, to making something as a craftsman. That, of course, is a ludicrous illustration, as I have absolutely no talent for fashioning anything into anything else. I’m barely qualified to make snakes out of Play-dough. I certainly do not have the power to sculpt a living human from the dirt. Nor do I have the power to call a massive, flaming star into existence with my words. God’s creation of everything out of nothing should convince us that his power is infinite. He can do anything he wants. All the miracles, all the amazing things in the Bible, are clearly all true, because God has the power to do anything he wants.

What do these ponderings cause in us? I pray that they cause us to worship our God. He eternally exists. He is the owner of everything, including us. He has the right to do with us as he pleases. He has the power to accomplish anything he desires. He is an amazing God. He is worthy of our worship. He is worthy of our lives. Praise be to our God, the Creator of all!