A Call for Study (Psalm 111:2)

Psalm 111:2

Great are the works of the Lord,
studied by all who delight in them.

Have you ever heard someone say that they get tired of reading the same old Bible stories over and over again? Have you ever had someone give you the impression that they have already gotten all they can get out of a particular passage of scripture? If so, they have not paid close attention to Psalm 111:2.

Psalm 111:2 tells us that God’s works are great. Then it tells us that God’s works are “studied” by all those who delight in or take joy in them. If someone is a believer, it should be obvious that they would delight in the works of the Lord. Delighting in the Lord necessarily includes delighting in who he is as well as what he has done. God’s works are awesome. And, if you delight in God, you must therefore study his works.

Now, without doing any Hebrew, let’s just say this: study means study. To study something means that you examine it, you research it, you mull it over, you commit it to memory, you ponder it, you apply it, you grow from it, you let it shape your view of life, you look at it from different angles, you work at understanding it, etc. If we delight in God, we must read his word, examine his works, and put the mental sweat into it that study requires.

Do you know someone who does not read their Bible? Do you know someone who does not take much of an interest in the things God has done? Do you know someone who refuses to study? If so, you know someone who does not delight in God.

One Warning: Be careful not to apply your standard of study to the study of others. You might delight in looking up the meaning of an obscure Hebrew phrase while another person does well to finish a paragraph in English. Be gracious. The point is that one who delights in God will delight in what he has done and they will study it. We all study to different levels of depth. The thing I’m challenging us to do is to study and not shun the study of God’s word and his works.