Back Up Your Files!

I heard the crack of thunder so clearly that I jumped while in bed. The storm had been present for a few minutes, but the sound I heard on Tuesday night of last week was so loud, so close, I knew that something had to have been hit. Indeed it was. Some part of the church building, just across the creek from our home, had been struck by lightning.

ON Wednesday, my family and I decided to head south to be with my mom and dad for a few days. I ran by the office, picked up my laptop from my desk, and jumped in the van. As we drove past the city limits of our tiny town, I opened up my lovely little Dell XPS 1330, and pressed the power button. Nothing happened. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing whatsoever.

After a few different methods of trying to get something out of my laptop, and several minutes on the phone with tech support, I found that Dell was going to send a techie by my house to install a new motherboard in my laptop. And so I sat, from Wednesday evening through Tuesday morning of the next week, hoping and praying that God would have spared the data on my hard drive, as I had been lax in backing up my computer.

Praise be to God, on Tuesday, a nice man came to my home at 7:30 AM, installed the new motherboard, and had my computer up and running by 9:00. All my data is safe. Since then, my wife and I have carefully made sure that all of my data is safely stored on burnable CDs, a very simple way to backup any PC.

God’s word tells us that the companion of wise people will himself grow wise. Part of being wise is to learn from the mistakes and foibles of others. So, as one computer user to another, I offer this counsel from my newly found wisdom. Backup your PC! You must not allow yourself to ever wonder, should anything ever get to your computer, should the surge protector fail, are your files OK. It takes little time and effort, but the peace of mind is worthwhile. Backup your files.