Are Your Prayers Abominations? (Proverbs 28:9)

Proverbs 28:9

If one turns away his ear from hearing the law,
even his prayer is an abomination.

How truly important is the word of God to the life of the Christian? How important is it that we read God’s word? How important is it that we listen, intentionally listen, when the word is proclaimed from the pulpit? Does it really matter if we are a Bible-based people?

Just take a look at Proverbs 28:9. All of us want our prayers to be effective. Even lost people pray. Even spiritually lukewarm people, on occasion, will toss up a prayer in a time of need, of stress, of suffering. And people, in general, think that, if they pray, they please God.

But God makes it clear to us in his word that not all prayers please him. Not all prayers are going to be answered in a positive way. In fact, some prayers are detestable to the Lord. And none of us want our prayers to be an abomination to God.

So, how do we avoid praying abominations? Listen to God’s word and obey it. The one who turns his ear away from the word of God does not have anything going on in his or her prayer life that is of any significance. Instead, his or her prayers offend God.

Christians, we need to be a people of prayer. We want our prayers to be heard as we pray for our lives, for our loved ones, for our nation, for the lost, etc. But if we want our prayers to be heard by God, we need to be praying as people who hear and obey God’s word. If we turn away from the Bible, if we ignore the scriptures, if we refuse to follow God’s commands, our prayers are abominable to God. Let’s not let that happen. Instead, let’s love God’s word, follow his word, and offer the kinds of prayers that are sweet to the Lord.