Hard Questions PT 2

Click above to get the MP3 of part 2 of the “Hard Questions” panel discussion.

Here is what is included:

0:09:15- What should Christians believe about the Creation/Evolution debate?

0:17:40- How does God judge those who have never heard about Jesus? Can they be saved?

Questions from the Audience-

0:22:57- If the first chapter of Genesis is allegorical, how do we know when it becomes historical?

0:24:08- Do you believe that the Bible teaches that the role of a woman is to be a homemaker?

0:25:20- What should a father’s priority be?

0:26:09- What kind of resistance should Christians have to homosexuality in our culture?

0:30:12- Since humans are cursed and fallen, how can we trust our interpretation of the Bible?

0:32:05- How should Christians think about the death penalty?

4 thoughts on “Hard Questions PT 2”

  1. Haven’t listened to the audio yet, but the third question caught my eye. Care to share your personal thoughts? Is the first chapter of Genesis allegorical? Why or why not? And, if so, when does it become historical?


  2. I’ll answer in brief, though the Genesis question was not one that was asked of me personally.First, the context: One of our panel, in discussing the issue of young or old earth theories, mentioned that some people look at the early chapters of Genesis as allegorical. He was not endorsing that view. But he was also not calling those people outside the faith, and this brought up the question about whether or not the section is allegorical and how we could tell. My answer: No, I do not believe that Genesis 1-11 is allegorical, or any part thereof. My reasoning is simply that there is nothing in the remainder of scripture that indicates that the authors of scripture believed that text to be anything other than literal history—supernatural to be sure, but not fictitious. How could you tell where allegory ends and literal history begins? I have no idea, though generally those who hold such a view make chapter 11 of Genesis the breakpoint. That way they can include the most supernatural looking events of Genesis such as the creation, the garden, the flood, and the tower of Babel. As I said, I reject this view, but this is where those who hold that view make their break.


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