Jesus’ Kindness to Troubled Hearts (John 14:1a)

John 14:1a


“Let not your hearts be troubled.”


            Many of us go through days, weeks, or even months of heavy, burdened, grieving, troubled hearts.  Many of us look at our circumstances, and we find ourselves looking toward the hard, the negative, the impossible. 


            Here in John 14:1, Jesus’ followers are dealing with troubled hearts.  Jesus has just told them that he was going away, that he would be betrayed, and that they would be involved in that betrayal.  They are heartsick.  And even though Jesus is about to be betrayed, he shows his disciples a love that few of us have ever seen or ever matched.  Jesus shows them compassion, great compassion. 


            Remember Jesus’ circumstances, and perhaps you will see why it is that I say he was so kind, so loving, so wonderful, so compassionate.  Back in verse 31 of chapter 13, John tells us that Jesus was troubled in his spirit.  That word, troubled, is a word that indicates that he was deeply emotionally shaken.  Jesus trembled.  He groaned.  He was racked with grief, with sorrow, with anguish.  Jesus was emotionally broken in the deepest part of his heart.  Yet, within just a few minutes, Jesus is the one saying to his disciples, “Guys, don’t be troubled.”  At the moment when his disciples should have been comforting Jesus, he offers them the words of comfort that they need.


            Have you ever tried to tell someone about your troubles only to have them try to trump your bad day with their own?  You hate that don’t you?  Doesn’t that make you want to say to them, “Hey, I’m trying to tell you about my problems here.  Don’t make this about you; not now.  I need help.  I don’t need you to show me that you think you have it bad too.”


            Jesus was so loving.  He was the hurting one.  He was the one facing the betrayal of a close friend.  He was the one facing the scourge of the Roman whips.  He was the one facing the mockery of 6 false trials.  He was the one facing the cross.  He was the one facing the wrath of Almighty God for sins he never committed.  He was the one who faced death itself.  Yet Jesus also was the one who, when his disciples showed that they were troubled, reached out to comfort them.  What an amazing Savior is our Lord Jesus.


            Do you have troubles?  Do you have sorrows?  Do you have pain?  Remember the compassion of Jesus.  He is not aloof to you.  Jesus is not telling you just to suck it up and press on.  Jesus is not telling you, “Hey, you think you’ve got problems, let me tell you about mine.”  No, Jesus is not like that.  HE is gentle, loving, and compassionate.  He cares.  And he would look you right in the eye, and he would say to you, “Let not your heart be troubled.”  Friends, see the compassion and the love in your Lord Jesus, and let that compassion help to overcome your troubled heart.