Hold Fast the Word of God

In a challenging message that I heard this morning, John Piper said something that I found to be profound.  He pointed out that we cannot guarantee that reading the Bible regularly will make us strong.  However, we can guarantee that, if we do not read the Bible regularly, we will certainly not be spiritually strong.


*From the message which you can check out here


So I am giving you no guaranteed regimen or device or scheme or trick for spiritual power and health and fruitfulness. Bible reading is not magic. Bible

memory is not mind control or divination. I don’t know if your reading the Bible and meditating and memorizing will give you power and health and fruitfulness.


What I do know is: Without it you starve every grace that God means for you to thrive on his world. There is a spiritual diet without which no Christian

can be strong and healthy and fruitful. And that is a diet of the word of God.