The Sweet Word of God (Psalm 19:10)

Psalm 19:10


More to be desired are they than gold,

even much fine gold;

sweeter also than honey

and drippings of the honeycomb.


            I’ve often joked, when people ask me to go and speak for them somewhere and want to pay me, that I’m content to be paid in food.  I really do enjoy good food.  Now, I’m not some huge dude declaring a gluttonous nature; I just really enjoy good food.  I like unique foods from other countries.  I love spicy things, sweet things, pretty much whatever (though mushrooms and olives are not high on my list).


            I’m guessing that many who read this are also people who like good food.  Sometimes I will run into someone who doesn’t care much what he or she eats so long as he or she gets full, but not often.  Most of us have a favorite restaurant, a favorite pizza, a favorite dessert.


            Have you ever wondered why it is that God made food, good food, to be such a good thing?  Psalm 19 might give us a hint.  Throughout this psalm, God has been extolling for us the absolutely unimaginable value of his holy word.  The law of God, the Scripture, is a treasure, a glorious, life-changing, soul-reviving treasure.  The follower of God cannot live without it.  And God, by his choice, compares the word to good food.


            How is the word like food?  In one sense, there is a functional similarity.  To the believer, reading the word of God and taking it deep into his or her soul is a means of spiritual survival.  We need to feed our souls with the word, or our souls will shrivel up and get sick and weak.  If you don’t feed your soul with the word of God, it is unquestionable that your Christian life will be unhealthy and lacking growth.


            But there is more than mere functional survival in the word of God.  The Bible is not just general food.  There are lots of foods that are just general food, but not the word.  The words that David chooses to describe the word of God are sweet words.  The word of God is not a ham sandwich on week-old bread; no, God’s words are sweet as honey.  David is trying to stir in your mind the tastiest food you can come up with.  Maybe it’s not honey for you.  Maybe you love steak or pasta, chocolate or fresh fruit, seafood or pizza; whatever is that extraordinarily good food to you, that is what God’s word is to b.  The word, if you are a healthy believer, is sweet to your taste and as desirable as your favorite dish.


            So, could it be that the reason that a Thai curry, a hot fudge Sunday, or a mound of biscuits and gravy is so tasty is because God wants you to understand how glorious his word is?  That’s quite possible, indeed.  So, the next time you bite into something delectable, don’t just think of your dinner; instead think of the true treasure that God has given you.  Think of the perfect word of God that feeds your soul, that brings you close to your Lord, that restores spiritual life to hurting hearts.  Pray that, like David, you can say that God’s word is worth more than the greatest treasure and sweeter than the sweetest pleasure.