Something is Missing in this Logic

            A recent article reports that Nebraska lawmakers are considering a law banning certain types of abortions on the grounds that the fetus may feel pain during the procedure.  As one might imagine, this is sparking a great deal of noise on both sides of the debate.


            While I am certainly in favor of laws that will put an end to the willing murder of unborn children, can I simply say that the logic of this law is missing.  Pain is not the primary factor here; death is.  Killing a baby in a humane way verses killing a baby in an inhumane way still ends up with the same result.  Whether the fetus feels pain or not, a human life, a child made in God’s image, has been dismembered by another human being.


            Again, I’d probably vote for the law if I had it before me as a means of curbing the abortion industry’s reign of death.  However, this kind of law will not ultimately make the difference in our society. Until our people grasp that taking the lives of babies for the sake of the mother’s convenience is a horrible sin, we will not get this issue right.


            No, by the way, I am not a graceless, merciless, abortion Dr. murderer.  Christ’s grace is big enough to cover the sins of all who will come to him.  But this does not change the fact that abortion is pure evil, and we must pray that God will bring this practice to an end.