Randy Alcorn’s "The Treasure Principle" – a Mini Review

Randy Alcorn is no stranger to financial success, financial loss, and sacrificial giving.  In The Treasure Principle, Alcorn shares with his readers six important keys to joyful and free Christian giving.




It is very possible that many Christians do not even recognize the hold that materialism has upon their lives.  Alcorn’s work helps us to see just how devastatingly attached we are to our things, and how sadly we miss the joys of giving.



Alcorn challenges us to realize that God is the true owner of everything while we are merely his stewards.  We will give more freely and rightly when our mindset on giving changes.  Alcorn encourages us to realize that all the money we have is God’s.  Instead of thinking, “What does God want me to give,” we should think, “How much would God want me to keep of his money?”  This mind-shift is very helpful for believers.




Not much is negative in this book.  It is possible that Alcorn is too simplistic or sweeping in his statements.  This negative is not damaging for most readers, however, only for those who read this book without discernment.




It would be very good for almost any Christian, especially in western cultures, to read through and strongly consider Alcorn’s The Treasure Principle.  Perhaps it would open our eyes and hearts to giving for the joy of the eternal reward and the glory of God.  Yes, readers should be careful and consider their steps wisely, but this is true of any book.  Without question, believers should consider how God would have us worship him through giving in the midst of this difficult financial time.



I am grateful to www.ChristianAudio.com for their excellent downloadable version of this book.  They also have a free download of conference audio from Alcorn on this book (I haven’t’ listened to it, but I’d suppose it contains much of the same material for $0 and in a 50-minute lecture).