Delighting in God’s Commands (Psalm 112:1)

Psalm 112:1


Praise the Lord!

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord,

who greatly delights in his commandments!


            We live in a world full of people who bristle at the idea of God daring to command them to do or avoid anything.  This is strange.  These same folks seem to take it as their right to order God about in their prayers; yet, let them be confronted with the word of God, and they battle against the concept that the Lord of all creation might dare expect anything of them.


            One way that this response to the authority of God is so sad is that battling the authority of God is a sure way to keep yourself from being blessed.  Look at the words of the psalmist.  He opens this psalm with praise to God.  He is clearly glad to offer God glory. 


            The psalmist follows up his praise with a beatitude, a statement of blessing.  Who is blessed?  One thing is for sure, the one who is blessed is not the one who ignores the commands of God.  No, the blessed one is the one who fears God.  The blessed one is the one who greatly—not just a little bit—delights in the commands of the Lord.


            For the lost or worldly person, the idea that the commands of God are pleasant should seem strange.  However, to the Christian, the concept of the sweetness of God’s word should be as clear as day.  So, Christian, ask yourself, “Do I greatly delight in the commands of God?”  Do you love when God calls you to change?  Do you think, when you read God’s holy standards, “Yes, Lord, this is truly perfect!”  God’s word is perfect, you know.  God’s standards are the perfect picture of what is right.  Let us learn to fear God and greatly delight in his commands.  Along this path is joy and blessing.