Airing Your Own Opinion (Proverbs 18:2)

Proverbs 18:2


A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,

but only in expressing his opinion.


            Hey look, it’s another blog post.  By definition, this is one person airing his own opinion.  While we can learn much on the Internet, there is a great danger of having many folks, uninformed and foolish, spouting off bad ideas left and right.  And, the temptation will be for more of us to join them in that practice than to learn from their mistakes. 


            It is far better to learn than to speak.  Anyone, absolutely anyone, can tell everyone what they think.  But not everyone learns.


            But wait, it is not simply in the world of blogging that this is a problem.  When you are in conversation with others, do you listen or speak?  When others are speaking, do you listen to understand their point, or are you always formulating your next line?  What about learning from people with whom you totally disagree?  Can you listen to the opinion of somebody you can’t stand and still look for the occasional nugget of truth?      


I’d say more, but it’s probably better for me to go find something of value to read instead.

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