A Lion in the Road (Proverbs 22:13)

Proverbs 22:13


The sluggard says, “There is a lion outside!

I shall be killed in the streets!”


     How many people do you know find themselves paralyzed by fear?  They have an opportunity come their way, but, because they do not have a guarantee of everything being easy, they let good things pass them by.  Do you know that fear is not always the problem here?


     The proverb above tells us that the one who claims that danger is keeping him or her from moving may not be frightened at all.  The proverb tells us that a sluggard, a brutally lazy person, will often use danger as an excuse for failing to take positive action.  This does not honor God.


     I can remember a guy from my hometown who always was out-of-work.  For some reason, this guy just never held down a job.  Also, when jobs came his way, he often turned up his nose at them, finding reason after reason why this particular job was not right for him.  The problem was not that this guy had no skill or could not get a job; the problem was that he was lazy.  He did not like to work.  He did not want a job to cramp his plans for the day—plans which mainly involved eating other people’s food and sleeping a lot. 


     If we are not careful, however, we all can fall into the danger of allowing laziness allow us to see danger around the corner.  Perhaps it is in sharing your faith.  You have an opportunity cross your path, but you do not want to take the risk or have the potentially awkward conversation.  It is very easy to allow your own lack of desire to do the spiritual work to prevent you from speaking.  Sure, you might come up with a hundred reasons why this is not a very good time to talk about spiritual things, but often the bottom line, at least in my own life, is that we are simply unwilling to do the hard work of evangelism. 


     What opportunities are before you today?  What might you be able to do for the glory of God and the advancement of the gospel?  What excuses is your heart making on your behalf to get you out of doing the work of the kingdom?  Battle spiritual laziness.  Battle all forms of hiding from the hard work.  Pray hard, trust God, and take action for his glory.