Don’t Wait (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

Ecclesiastes 12:1 (ESV)

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, “I have no pleasure in them.”


            Several times in the book of Ecclesiastes, we see things that go against popular human wisdom.  The writer of the book realizes that not all hard workers are rightly rewarded in a fallen world.  He recognizes that not all that seems pleasurable is really profitable.  The writer even shows how discouraging it is for a man to realize how futile things seem in this life.  Yet, when all is said and done, in chapter 12, the author recognizes the overall justice of God.


            Also, in the beginning of chapter 12, Solomon calls upon his readers to follow God while they are still young.  Verse 1 tells us to remember the Lord in our youth, before the evil days come.  From verses 2-8, Solomon describes the decline of the human body with senses dulling and pleasure waning.


            What got my attention about this passage is that the command is the very command that many in our culture think not to obey.  Many people waste the prime years that they have for service to God, intending to get right with God in their latter years.  Many people waste their years of health, planning instead to serve God in retirement.  Thus, such people miss the blessing of spending their strength, not on earthly good that perish, but instead on the eternal glory of God and treasure which will last forever.


            Perhaps you are a young person reading this.  Perhaps you plan to serve God when you think you have more time.  Let me assure you, you won’t have more time.  It won’t get easier.  You will always have an excuse.  The better path, the path that leads to true satisfaction, is to call upon the Lord while he can be found.  Turn from self and sin and embrace Christ.  Trust in Jesus for salvation.  Then live for the joy of seeing and taking pleasure in the glory of God as you serve him with the vigor of youth.