Sexual Detox – A Review

            In his book, Sexual Detox, Tim challies offers simple, biblical counsel for men who are struggling with the tragic impact of pornography on their sexuality.  Challies understands the prevalence and the destructiveness of pornography, and he speaks in his book to the hearts of men who need God’s help to again view sex rightly.




            Challies writes in a way that is open and frank without crossing the line into being crude.  Often, in a book on this topic, the author, in order to prove he is a real guy with real guy struggles, will share too much with his readers in too descriptive a way.  Challies does not fall into this pattern.  This is good, as Challies performs the rare feat of talking about issues of lust without stirring up dangerous images in his readers’ minds.


            Challies plan of organization in this work is also effective.  Before he gets into the nuts and bolts of what men need to do, he spends two chapters helping guys to develop a biblical theology of their sexuality.  This is good, as men need to first understand what God has taught on this issue before they can make lasting changes that honor God.


            This book is also an extremely easy read.  A pastor could give Sexual Detox to a young man who is struggling and not fear that the terminology will be too much.  This book could possibly even be used with youth so long as the youth minister or a parent worked with the young men to get through some of the issues in the text.




            A slight negative that I have regarding this book is that, because of its readily accessible writing style, arguments are not always as thoroughly made as I might prefer.  On occasion, Challies will tell us that “This is the reason that…”and I might feel that more reasoning should be given.


            Challies also writes much about how men need to rely on others in their local church to help them with their struggle.  This is absolutely right advice.  However, Challies does not have as much to say to help those men whose local churches may not be ready to help them due to unbiblical leadership, lack of counseling, lack of church discipline, etc.




            If you want to read the absolute best book on Christians and dealing with lust, I would recommend Josh Harris’ Sex Isn’t the Problem, Lust Is.  However, if you want a very good book that is shorter and a bit more modern, I would certainly highly recommend Challies’ Sexual Detox.  This really is good material to help men recognize the destructiveness of pornography and how they can begin to get away from it.




            I listened to this book for free as a part of’s reviewers program.  Christian Audio always puts out great-sounding recordings.  This book is read by its author.  I personally seldom like recordings read by the author.  There just seems to be something a little awkward in the delivery.  It is as if the author wants to emphasize his thoughts, but is too bound by the text he has to read word-for-word.  With that said, Challies’ Canadian accent is fun to listen to.  And, if you have a player that will allow you to speed up the rate of the files, you might find this feature helpful to utilize.