If You Could Ask God One Question – A Review

Paul Williams and Barry Cooper. If You Could Ask God One Question. New malden, UK: The Good Book Company, 2007. 123 pp. $8.99.


            At times, the best way to help people to understand your point is to anticipate their questions and answer them.  Paul Williams and Barry Cooper have taken this strategy in defense of Christianity in their book If You Could Ask God One Question.  I received a copy of this book at Together for the Gospel in 2008, and only got down to reading it two years later.  I’m glad that I took the time.


            Williams and Cooper write in a very easy-to-read and easy-to-understand style.  They use humor well.  They illustrate appropriately.  The chapters seem to fly by, even as the authors work to explain some of the most important basic principles of Christianity.


            Without attempting an overview, I will simply mention that the authors deal with some of the following important concepts:


·        The existence of God

·        The reliability of Scripture

·        The problem of sin

·        The existence of hell

·        Why Jesus had to die

·        Why Christians obey God’s commands

·        Life after death

·        Followers of other religions

·        Faith not blind delusion

·        The problem of evil

·        Sex

·        God proving himself through miracles

·        What God might ask us


            If You Could Ask God One Question is a simple and yet strong explanation of the faith for those who have only just begun considering Christianity.  It could also be a helpful book for brand new Christians who need to begin to understand some of the basic points of theology.  Obviously, the book cannot reach the depths of a good theology book since it only spans 123 pages; but the topics it covers are important and generally dealt with in a helpful way.  I would have no problem recommending this book for those who do not know what they think about Christianity and for those who are new in the faith.  It would also be a find study book for small group discussion if a group would like to again cover some of the most important basics of the faith.