Buying and Selling People (Exodus 21:16)

Exodus 21:16


“Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death.”


        Just in case you have ever wondered if the Bible promotes the kind of slavery that the people of the US participated in through the nineteenth century, the verse above is clear.  To steal and sell a person is wrong.  How wrong?  God made it punishable by death.  There were other forms of slavery, and God did not condemn them all, but chattel slavery, kidnapping and selling people is never, ever acceptable.


        Boy, aren’t we glad that we’re not in a nation where that stuff goes on?  Aren’t we?  If you are not aware, the United States is still participating in chattel slavery, but now in what might even be a more gruesome way.  Human trafficking is what it is now called, and it is just as detestable.  Young people, usually but not exclusively little girls, are being tricked, taken in, kidnapped, threatened, abused, and sold.  This is all part of the sex industry in our country, an industry which Americans know is there, but which we somehow fail to be honest enough to see for what it is.


        For more information, you might visit Shared Hope International or read some of the other articles in this Links of Interest from last week.


        God says to steal a person and sell them is wrong, punishable by death.  It’s happening right now.  Be aware.  Pray.  Speak out.  Do whatever you can within the bounds of the law to see to it that this industry is stopped.  So long as there is prostitution, there will be human trafficking.  So long as there is pornography, there will be human trafficking.  We must prayerfully do what we can to rescue those who are being abused and to keep others from having a market for the victimization of the vulnerable.