A Call to Testify (Leviticus 5:1)

Leviticus 5:1


“If anyone sins in that he hears a public adjuration to testify, and though he is a witness, whether he has seen or come to know the matter, yet does not speak, he shall bear his iniquity.”


Acts 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”


            While working through Leviticus this morning, an interesting connection came to my mind.  In the Levitical law, the people learned about the need to testify about the truth.  If there was a public call for testimony, obviously meaning in the matter of a trial or something similar, and if you knew anything about the matter, it was required that you speak.  It was totally inappropriate to keep silent in a matter.  You had to do your part to see to it that justice was done.


            Are we ever called to testify?  Of course we are.  The primary truth here would be that, in our culture, we must not fail to come forward with the truth in a matter.  It would be wrong for a Christian to know that someone was innocent of a crime and not to speak up at the trial. 


            But a fair secondary application is what hit me this morning.  Jesus has given us a public call to testify.  In Acts 1:8, Jesus told his disciples that they are called to be his witnesses, they are to testify about him, all over the world.  You are to witness to Jesus before all kinds of people all over the world.  To fail to do so is a dishonor to God and a disobedience to Christ.


            So, this morning, Christians, are you bearing witness?  Are you telling people about Jesus?  This is God’s call for you.  Are you supporting others who are taking the gospel to the nations?  Are you praying for those who have the opportunity to share the gospel somewhere you are not?  This too is God’s call.  And, by the way, this is not an either-or thing; you are both to bear witness yourself and to support others who are telling the world about the Savior.