A Childish Parable of Idolatry

            It was Friday afternoon, and Alexis and her mother went to the store. Mommy allowed Alexis to bring her stuffed puppy, Spot. The little girl and the stuffed puppy had a great time riding in the  cart and looking at all the interesting things as Mommy pushed them through the store.


            At the end of the shopping trip, Mommy decided to do something kind for her daughter. She picked up a pretty new dress for Alexis. She asked Alexis, “Do you like this dress?”


            Alexis answered, “O yes, Mommy, It’s beautiful.”


            “Would you like to have it for your very own,” Mommy asked?


            “Yes, I would,” said Alexis.


            So Mommy put the dress in the cart, went to the cashier, and paid for everything in the basket, including Alexis’ new dress. Alexis smiled as she imagined how much she would look like a princess in her ruffley, pretty dress.


            As the family got into the car, Mommy heard Alexis talking to her stuffed puppy, Spot.  Alexis said, “Thank you, Spot, for buying my new dress. You really are the best puppy ever.”


            Mommy laughed to herself and asked Alexis, “Don’t you think you should thank somebody else?”


            Alexis responded, “No, Spot got me the dress. I thanked him, and that’s enough. Why would I thank anybody else?”


            Have you ever wondered what idolatry is like? There is a sense in which it is like Alexis in our story above. God gave his people everything that they could have ever wanted. In return, they refused to acknowledge or give thanks to God, instead choosing to offer their thanks, their praise, and their allegiance to man-made, lifeless statues.


            I know, it seems silly to talk about idolatry like that in our culture, doesn’t it. We’re far more sophisticated. We would never divert the praise our Creator deserves to a creation instead. Or, would we?


            You are created by the one, true and living God. He deserves your entire life. He deserves your entire devotion. Do you give yourself the credit for where you are in life? Do you give anything other than God the highest devotion in your heart? God deserves to be number one. If we put anything in his place, we bow to a creation above the Creator—we commit a form of idolatry. Let us learn to come to our God, seek his grace, and get under his mercy. He deserves our very souls. Let us not bow to something less than the Lord of all.

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