Sweet Sovereignty (Judges 5:1-2)

Judges 5:1-2


1 Then sang Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam on that day:

2 “That the leaders took the lead in Israel,

that the people offered themselves willingly,

bless the Lord!


            Here we see the beginning of Deborah’s song in praise of God after a particular triumph. Notice how, in this song of praise, we see a sweet affirmation of God’s sovereignty over man’s freedom.


            Deborah sings, in verse 2, three lines of Hebrew poetry. The first two lines tell us that the people did what they were supposed to do. The leaders led. The soldiers willingly answered the call. One would think, then, that the gratitude should be for the brave men who did what they were supposed to do. But the third line says, “bless the Lord.”


            Why bless God for the actions of free men? Why give God the praise for what individuals chose to do? The only way that this make sense is if those men, while acting freely, were led by the supreme freedom and power of God.


            Christians, this passage should give us great joy. God is God. He is the Sovereign One. He has the ability to move free men in such a way that they will work to accomplish his will. We have the comfort of knowing that God can and will answer our prayers, save souls, accomplish his plan, sanctify his church, etc. because he has the ability to change the hearts of free men so that they will freely act in a way that is to his glory.