Our Lord and Good (Psalm 16:2)

Psalm 16:2


I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;

I have no good apart from you.”


            How often do we mean what we say? How often do we say something, it sounds good, but we do not live it in reality? Could you or I say what we read here in Psalm 16:2?


            The psalmist says two things to God. First, he calls God his lord. Do we? Is God our ruler, our master, our complete and total authority? Do we obey him in all things, or do we pick and choose our obedience based on what fits our present desires?


            The second thing that the psalmist says of God is that he has no good apart from the Lord. What an amazing thing to say. There is nothing good in the life of the psalmist, or in ours, that does not come to us from God. In fact, God is our only good. All the good things that we have are simply pointers to remind us of the goodness of the Creator. Do you love your family? They are here to make you love your Maker more. Do you have a happy job? It exists for you to love your King. Do you love your church? It exists that you might worship your Savior.


            What a good thing it would be for us to read these poetic lines and see them for the truths they are. God is our lord. He is our master. He is our authority. God is also our only source of good. If we want good, we want God. If we replace God with something else, that something else is not good.