Distracted with Serving (Luke 10:40a)

Luke 10:40a


But Martha was distracted with much serving.


            Most Christians are familiar with the story of Mary and Martha. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet. Martha was, as the Scripture says, distracted with her duties as a hostess. Martha served so much that, for a time, she forgot to just love Jesus.


            Can this be a danger in the modern church? O dear me yes. In almost any modern local church or association, we are bombarded with opportunities to serve. You can be on committees, plan mission trips, clean the building, take the gospel to the community, feed the hungry, visit shut-ins, decorate the sanctuary, greet people at the doors, teach a class, change dirty diapers, count the offering, and do much more. Let me also say that any of those actions can be a worshipful and loving thing for a Christian to do as he or she glorifies Christ. However, if we are not careful, we will serve so much that we forget whom we serve. If we are not careful, we will serve for the sake of service or for the sake of the organization without remembering the Savior that the church represents.


            My counsel here is not for you to stop serving. In fact, we need more and more people to serve all the time. My counsel is for you to consider how you serve. My counsel is for you to remember the Savior you serve. My counsel is for you to look at each act of service you provide and ask yourself if, as you serve, you are remembering to also love the Savior.


            Lord, there are so many good things that we can do as part of a local church. Would you help me to remember that the primary purpose of all that I do is to bring glory and honor to your name? Would you help me to remember to stop, rest, and love my Savior? Would you help me to love Jesus more and more with every passing moment and with every act of service? Help me to organize events, love people, plan activities, and meet needs with an eye to your glory. Would you help me to never forget your grace? Would you help me to also take time just to sit at your feet and learn from you? Lord, I need your wisdom and your Spirit to love you rightly.