Risk is Right – A Review

John Piper. Risk Is Right: Better to Lose Your Life Than to Waste It. Wheaton: Crossway, 2013. 64pp. $7.99.


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            If you have listened to John Piper, or read his earlier works like Don’t Waste Your Life, you will quickly grasp the heart behind this short and direct little book (pretty much a reworking of a chapter from Don’t Waste Your Life in long form). Piper calls on believers in Christ to let go of the mirage of safety in order to attempt the kind of gospel work that might result in glorious success.


            While Piper understands that some risks are foolish and obviously wrong, putting yourself at risk of danger or hardship for the sake of the gospel is right. Piper shows us through brief looks at history, the Old Testament, and the New Testament that it has always been the part of believers to put their lives or their comforts on the line in order to see the will of God accomplished.


            This little book is simple and encouraging. I would certainly recommend it to anyone thinking about the dangers of missions or the potential hardships of stepping out in faith and sharing the gospel.


            I received a free audio copy of this book through ChristianAudio.com’s reviewers’ program. Though I actually read most of this book in the free PDF that Desiring God offers, I did listen to enough of the audio recording to know that this work meets ChristianAudio.com’s high standards.