Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart – A Review

J. D. Greear. Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How to Know for Sure You Are Saved. Nashville: B & H books, 2013. 128 pp. $10.39.


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            In Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart, J. D. Greear offers practical, theologically sound counsel to help his readers truly examine themselves to see whether or not they are in the faith. The title of this book, which could be misleading if you stop at the colon, is intended to bring to mind the sad struggle that many people have of constantly attempting to renew their salvation experience just in case the first one did not take. Greear has touched on a vital issue for today, and he has done so in a winsome and helpful way.


            In his book, Greear addresses many common issues that deal with the overall need for assurance of salvation. The author clearly identifies the problem that many Christians have with feeling biblically confident that they are in the kingdom of God as he shares his own past struggles. He clearly explains the gospel, faith, and repentance. The author follows up by dealing with important questions about doubt, falling into sin, and eternal security. The book closes with two important appendices on issues of baptism and justification by faith.


            I would heartily recommend this book to individuals who are asking if they are really saved. I would also be very glad to have this book read by those who assume they are saved, but who are relying on old events and not present faith and obedience as the evidence of their salvation.


            I received a free audio copy of this book from as part of their reviewers program. The book is read well and is very easy to listen to.