God’s Name, God’s Plan, God’s Power – (2 Kings 19:34)

2 Kings 19:34


“For I will defend this city to save it, for my own sake and for the sake of my servant David.”


        Have you ever looked at our society and thought that it was hopeless? Have you ever looked at a lost friend with whom you have tried and tried to share the gospel and thought the task impossible? Have you ever looked at battles in the culture war of today and thought that there was no way they would turn out right? Have you ever looked at the progress of the church and thought that she has lost?


        Ponder the situation of 2 Kings 19. The enemy was all around. There was no hope. No way was the outcome of this battle going to be positive. The people of God were outnumbered. The warriors of the Assyrians were too skilled. Jerusalem was going to fall. That is, unless God showed up.


        But God did show up. He sent an angel to get rid of an army of 185,000 men. God won a mighty victory. And in that act, God did 3 things. God defended his name. God defended his plan. And God did the impossible.


        In the verse above. We see that God promised that, what he was about to do, he was going to do for the sake of his own name. That may sound strange to the person who has never studied that topic through Scripture. However, if you have been exposed to it, you know that God does what he does for the sake of his own glory. God will be honored. He will not give his glory to another. He will always do what brings glory and honor to his name. This is right, as God is the most glorious by far, and for God to seek another’s glory above his own would be completely improper. And it is good for us, as God’s magnifying of his own glory is the way that we receive the greatest joy as we see the glory of the One who made us for his glory.


        God also says that he was going to do what he was going to do for the sake of his servant, David. Language like that in the Old Testament is a reference back to the covenant that God made with David in 2 Samuel 7. There God promised that a descendant of David’s, part of David’s kingly line, would reign on the throne forever. With New Testament eyes we can see that this was a promise of the coming of Jesus, God’s Son, the King of all kings and Lord of all lords. Simply put, God would not let Jerusalem fall because God was actively preserving his people, at least a remnant of them. So that he could bring his promised King into the world through the lineage that he had promised for all of the Old Testament. God had promised and promised a rescuing King to come through a specific people and specific family, and God would not fail to bring that promise to pass.


        So, because of God’s passion for his own glory and his preservation of his promise, God did the impossible. God simply took out the undefeatable army. God did something only God could do. God showed his glory. God kept his promise alive. God was not defeated, no matter how strong the worldly opposition appeared to be.


        You know, we live in a world that tries to make our faith look small and ridiculous. Sometimes, when we are not careful, we can begin to fear that somehow God’s church and God’s plan will not be victorious. But let us be careful. Let us remember how God, in one moment in Old Testament history, took out a nation’s army for the sake of his name and his plan. If God could do that, he can certainly do mighty things through us for the sake of his name and his plan. Let us have hope and courage in the face of opposition. Let us not stop sharing our faith or championing the cause of justice and morality. Let us be sure that the things we would wrestle for are God’s glory and God’s plan. Then, let us work and watch and know that God will not ultimately be defeated. He will be victorious. He will do the impossible. He will see his plan completed and his name glorified.