Crazy Busy – A Review

Kevin DeYoung, Crazy Busy: A mercifully Short Book about a Really Big Problem. Wheaton: Crossway, 2013. 128 pp. $10.57.

Christian Audio



            Busyness is a common thread in our modern lives. It seems to strangle our priorities and rob us of joy. Kevin DeYoung understands, and has written a very solid little book to help us think through the causes of our busyness and respond rightly.


            DeYoung’s little work is, as the title indicates, mercifully short. This is a great feature for a book aimed at people who already don’t think they have enough time.


            DeYoung’s book is also biblically practical. This book is not another modern peek at time-management. It is not a new way to apply the GTD strategy. Neither is it a theological treatise on work with no practical advice. DeYoung balances solid theology, Scriptural insight ,and sensible counsel.  


            I was particularly fond of DeYoung’S strategy. He showed us several sinful causes for our feelings of busyness. Then, he also reminded us that it is not necessarily a sin to be very busy. Finally, he concluded with the wisest possible counsel here, that keeping Christ at the center of our lives and priorities will help us respond rightly to the demands of our lives.


            I would recommend Crazy Busy to just about anybody. The book is sweetly readable and solidly helpful. Pastors, moms, dads, and even busy retirees could benefit from a few hours spent in DeYoung’s work.


            I received a copy of this work to review from as part of their reviewers program. The audio version of this book is well-read, maintaining the high standards that I have come to expect from Christian Audio.