The God Who is There – A Review

D. A. Carson. The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God’s Story. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2010. 240 pp. $13.82.


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            I’ve been looking for a little while for a book that tells the big story of the Bible in an accessible way. D. A. Carson has done a fine job of gospel-based, simple, biblical theology in The God Who is There.


            In this work, Carson takes his readers through the entire narrative of the Scriptures in order to help us to see how we fit into God’s great story. Carson begins with Genesis, walks through Revelation, and spends a great deal of time in the theology of the gospels. In all this, he shows us how the Bible tells our story as it tells us of God’s great plan.


            The God who is There would be a great book for any Christian who wants to have a better glimpse of how the whole Bible comes together to tell a single, unified story. If you wish to better understand the Bible, I would recommend this book to you. If you would like to better understand the gospel, I would recommend this book to you. If you would like to be able to teach others the simple content of God’s story, I would recommend this book to you.