Judges for You – A Review

Timothy Keller. Judges For You: For Reading, For Feeding, For Leading. Purcellville, VA: The Good Book Company, 2013. 224 pp. $15.98.




            Tim Keller has done an outstanding job of combining solid scholarship, readability, and application in Judges for You. This installment in Keller’s Bible Study series approaches the tough issues without blushing, studies the deep things without being dense, never loses sight of the Bible’s big picture, and always brings us back to the gospel.


            This book is a 13-chapter walk through of Judges. This is not a commentary. Nor is it a super-simple Bible study. Keller has found a seemingly perfect balance of deep thinking and real-life application.


            I would recommend this book to any small group that is interested in taking on the Book of Judges for its study. I would also recommend this book to Sunday School classes that are ready to work through this material—especially since it fits a 13-week cycle. However, I also very much enjoyed reading through this book as an individual and thinking through some familiar accounts in a much stronger way.


            I received a free audio copy of this work from ChristianAudio.com as part of their reviewers program. The audio quality here is superb, and the narration is very fitting.