Exponential 2014 – Michael Frost Main Session

** The following are my notes from Michael Frost’s presentation during a main session of Exponential 2014 **


Michael Frost



It is not missional to do only unexplained acts.

Colossians 4:2-6

Paul seems to believe that we should take a two pronged approach.

Paul talks about the gifted evangelist.

some of those travel.

Some are in a town.

We should pray for those guys.


Paul does not say that he will pray the same thing for all the regular folks.

Paul then says to them to be wise in the way that they deal with outsiders.

Paul does not think we are all evangelists.

Paul knows some people are gifted in this.

But the primary way we will speak about Jesus is in response to people’s questions.


So, what do we do?

Live a questionable life.


If your life looks just like theirs, why would they ask you any questions?

Live a life that arouses curiosity.

We are not all called to be the gifted evangelists.

We are called to live differently and to answer questions.

We did not subvert and conquer the Roman empire by door knocking and literature distribution.

Told stories of Roman emperors who saw the different lifestyles of Christians.

Quote from Julian the Apostate.

He feared the empire was losing control because of the love of the Christians.

Being a decent, middle class American is not living a questionable life.


“If you live this way, you will make attractive the gospel.” (That came from Titus 2:10.)

Verse ten follows a list of rules to make us live differently.


Evangelists have peculiar rules.

But for the rest of us, if nobody is asking you any questions, something is wrong.


Illustration of the shoe salesman in San Francisco.

Salesman listens to people’s life stories.

Is this what you are looking for?

They ask who are you?

Since I became a shoe store guy who listens, I am invited to more parties, etc, than ever before.

I share the gospel with far more people than I ever could as a Southern Baptist minister.


Story of the Southern Baptist minister who went to the margarita and poker party.


Make people ask.

If nobody is asking, all you have left is fake surveys.


If you are an evangelist, be bold.

If not, live a questionable life.