One Vital Verse (Psalm 96:5 )

Psalm 96:5


For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols,

but the Lord made the heavens.


            Sometimes a statement is made that is absolutely vital to how we think and behave. If that statement is true, everything changes. If that statement is false, everything changes. And Psalm 96:5 is one of those central statements.


            Consider that Psalm 96:5 declares 2 truths. First, it declares that all the gods worshipped by the nations who do not know the LORD are false. They are merely idols, powerless and false deifications of man’s imagination. Is this true? If it is, our entire worldview must fall in line with that fact.


            Then, in the appropriate poetic contrast, the verse declares that our God made the heavens. While idols are false, the LORD is God. Is this true? If so, one’s entire worldview must shift to match it.


            I know that we are covering elementary ground, but sometimes it helps to do so. If God is God, then all is his. If God is real, then all must come under his rule. If the gods of other nations are false, then no other religion is valid. This is not to say that we treat any with intolerance or violence, but it is to say that we know that these people are called by God to turn from their idolatry and to bow before the God who made them.


            So, the challenge is simple. Today, do you see that God is real? Do you see that the gods of other religions are false? Yes, this sounds politically incorrect. But, if it is true, then it must sound so.


            Lord, I believe that you are indeed God, the Maker of the heavens and earth. You are Lord, there is no other. All other gods are false. Only you are God. I pray that you will shift my world even this morning to help me to align myself with your purposes for your glory.