The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield – A Review

Steven J. Lawson. The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield. Lake Mary, FL: Reformation Trust, 2014. 150 pp. $12.18.




                George Whitefield is one of those names from the 18th century that many of us know, but whose story may be too often overlooked. A passionate evangelist, Whitefield preached the gospel in England and the American colonies during the same season as John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards.


                Steven Lawson has risen to the challenge of helping us to understand the life, zeal, and message of George Whitefield. In a short and helpful book, Lawson introduces us to one of the greatest figures of the Great Awakening.


                Two things stand out to me from Lawson’s recounting of Whitefield’s life: his suffering and his doctrine. Though I knew Whitefield to be a renowned evangelist, I had not heard of his physical weariness, the heckling of some in the crowds, or the attempts on his life. I also found it encouraging to read about Whitefield’s passionate belief in the doctrines of grace. Whitefield found strength to proclaim the gospel in his understanding that a sovereign God would draw people to himself. This trust in God’s sovereign election comforted Whitefield even as it drew to him persecution from others who did not share that doctrinal understanding.


                I would recommend this work to anyone who enjoys biographies. I was greatly encouraged by Lawson’s description of Whitefield’s life, and I believe that others will be too.


                I received a free copy of this work from as a part of their reviewers program. As always, the reading and audio quality of this work lived up to ChristianAudio’s high standard of excellence.