The First Psalm – a Poem

The First Psalm

By Travis Peterson


How blessed the man who walks not in

The counsel of those led by sin,

Who does not stand where sinners might,

Nor join the scoffer’s foolish din. 


Instead he has for his delight

The meditation day and night

Upon the word of God that he

May stand in righteousness and light. 


He firmly planted, like a tree

Beside a stream, shall faithfully

Put forth his fruit and strongly stand

With guaranteed prosperity.  


But wicked men, an evil band,

Will fall beneath God’s mighty hand,

And much like chaff is blown away,

Are cast out of the righteous land. 


The Lord is watching o’er the way

Of those who love him and obey;

But wicked men who go astray

Shall be destroyed that final day.