A Missing Thought in the Planned Parenthood Story

            Many people, both pro-abortion and pro-life, have been appalled by the Internet videos showing leaders of Planned Parenthood and other organizations allegedly haggling over the prices of fetal tissue. Much has been written. Much more will be. But I think there is another thought that needs to be expressed that I’m not often reading out there.


            The common debate going on has to do with whether or not the people from Planned Parenthood are actually “selling” baby body parts or if this is merely medical research and reimbursement. Are we dealing with Frankenstein-like grotesqueness, or is something more supposedly noble at the heart of the transactions? Is the video staged or edited to tilt the intent of those communicating? Are laws being broken? Again, I say, something more important needs to be said.


            Even if the entire thing were a hoax and the folks were being completely taken out of context, there is still an issue here. Even if the activities of Planned Parenthood are completely legal, even if, in fact, body parts are not being shipped out from facility to facility, there is something more important here. What is it?


            Regardless of all the accusations and the pandering going on, one fact remains: Babies are being dismembered and destroyed. We must see that, regardless of whether body parts are on the market, people are looking and seeing that intact hearts, eyes, livers, and legs are, in fact, being ripped out of baby bodies for the sake of the freedom or “health” of a woman who does not wish to be inconvenienced by a whole, human child.


            Is it bad to think that we may have become a body-part-marketing people? Yes, it really is. But it is worse to realize that we are a people who, for years, have tolerated the dismemberment of healthy humans for the false ideal of “reproductive freedom”


            I’m not anti-woman. I want freedom and equality in our society. But I do not want the freedom to dismember and destroy a child. Neither do I want anyone else to have that freedom.


            I do not want anyone to stop writing and speaking out against the ghoulish practices of Planned Parenthood. I believe that the videos are likely accurate, the evidence is damning, and that Planned Parenthood really is the kind of organization that would collect funds trafficking in aborted baby organs. I believe that this practice should be stopped and those responsible for this monstrosity should be prosecuted. I believe that the organization responsible for so much human death should be immediately defunded by the American people. But, and this is important, I also believe that this should not horrify us nearly so much as the fact that those body parts, parts of real babies, have been ripped apart to begin with. We must continue to speak out against the whole process in which people, made in the image of God, are shredded for the sake of convenience.


            Let me add, I am a sinner. I deserve the wrath of God for a million and more failings in my own life. I’m not claiming the personal high ground. My only hope is the grace of Christ. That grace is available for every woman who has made a wrong decision regarding human life. That grace is available for every man who has pressured a woman to do what so many now see as unthinkable. That grace is available for every abortion doctor and body-part-trafficker who is willing to turn from his or her sin and embrace Christ and his finished work.


            My heart breaks for women who have found themselves walking back out of an abortion clinic with one less life to be carried. My heart breaks for those who have done things they wish they had not, and for those who have no regret for the things they have done. We are all guilty of sin and we all need forgiveness in Christ. By the grace of God, he commands all people everywhere to repent and to turn to Jesus for salvation. Let us embrace that salvation while graciously and firmly standing against the murder of children. 

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