The Necessary Being (Job 34:14-15)

Job 34:14-15 (ESV)


14 If he should set his heart to it

and gather to himself his spirit and his breath,

15 all flesh would perish together,

and man would return to dust.


Philosophy sometimes uses the term “necessary” to describe God. The concept of a necessary being is a being upon whose existence the rest of existence is based. Were the universe not to exist, that would not change the existence of God. Were God not to exist, the universe could not exist. God is necessary to the existence of the universe.


It is not only certain parts of philosophy that would describe God as necessary. Looking at Job 34, we can see that, around four thousand years ago, people understood that God holds the universe together and gives all living creatures their lives. Without him, we are nothing.


Notice the claim in verses 14-15 above. If God wanted to, he could gather back to himself his breath. If God did that, everyone and everything in existence is dead. There is no fighting back. There is no warring against this move. If God decides, he pulls the plug and the power goes off. There is no reserve that we, as creatures, hold against him.


Verses like the ones above put us in our proper place. God is God. We are not. God is in control. We are not. God holds us together. We do not hold ourselves or him together. We have no right and no ability to battle against him. We have no right and no ability to question him. God is the ultimate. God is supreme. He is worthy of our worship.


How do we respond? May we respond in worship. God is king. Let us bow down and declare this fact. Doing so will in no way add to God, but it will give us the joy of doing what we exist to do.