Putting Us In Our Place (Job 40:8)

Job 40:8 (ESV)


Will you even put me in the wrong?

Will you condemn me that you may be in the right?


One of the greatest human mistakes is to think that we have the ability or the right to sit in judgment over the actions and ways of the Lord. Consider how often you have heard a person attempt to explain why a certain thing that God has chosen to do is right. Often the rationale behind how we justify an action of the Lord is our best consideration of logic. But, the truth is, the action of the Lord is right because it is the action of the Lord.


We want to be very careful here. Of course it is a worthy exercise for us to look at the mysterious ways of the Lord and seek to find out as much about him and his ways as we can. Of course it is good for us to recognize the rightness and the perfection in the decisions he has made. But, and this is vital, we also need to recognize that we have no right, absolutely none, to make a judgment as to whether or not the things God has done or the ways that he has done them is right. To make such a verdict places us on the bench and God on trial. We must not think that we can do such a thing, not even for a moment.


As we look at the end of Job, we see that God is clear that it is not OK for a mere human, a finite creature, to judge the actions of the Lord. Let us learn from this that God is great and we are not. Let us remember his ways are not ours. Let us remember that is thoughts are as much higher than ours as the sky is higher than the land. Let us be humble enough to worship the Lord and acknowledge his holiness and righteousness, even in situations where we cannot understand.