Daily Bible Reading Notes – 4/11/2016



“So the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.”


Jesus is here making a pretty big claim. As the religious teachers were scolding his disciples for snacking on some grain on the Sabbath day—an act which was perfectly legal—Jesus begins to talk about the Sabbath. He first points out that David did something far more questionable when he ate day-old show bread. Jesus then pointed out to the religious leaders that the Sabbath was actually put in place for the good of man, man was not created to serve the Sabbath.


Here, Jesus was not attempting to say that the laws of God do not matter. Neither did he allow his disciples to break any of God’s actual laws. Though, for certain, Jesus did not require his disciples to submit to man-made, extra regulations.


At the end, however, is the amazing statement. Jesus, referring to himself as the Son of Man, claims to be lord of the Sabbath. That is a huge claim. As we read this Sunday in church, Genesis 2:1-3 describes God’s resting on the seventh day and his setting that day apart for man to rest. God is lord of the Sabbath. No man could claim this lordship. However, Jesus does. Yet again, Jesus claims equality with God. Logically, to claim equality with God is to claim to be God.


The application here is simple. We worship Jesus. He is God. He is lord over all the law, because he is the originator and giver of the law. He knows exactly what the law is for and to what the law applies. And, by his life, death, and resurrection, he perfectly fulfilled the law of God on behalf of those who come to him for grace.


Jesus, I worship you. I believe you to be God in flesh. I believe that you are lord over all rules and all law. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I pray that you will help me to live to follow you faithfully, under your grace, for your glory.