Unparalleled – A Review

Jerad C. Wilson. Unparalleled: How Christianity’s Uniqueness Makes It Compelling. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2016. 240 pp. $14.99.


What exactly is it that makes Christianity different from every other world religion out there? Why would I think of Christianity in any category different from atheism, Islam, or some other belief system? In Unparalleled, Jared Wilson mingles thoughtful philosophy with biblical encouragement to help show his readers why Jesus really is vastly different than any religious leader and Christianity is unique among the world views.


In this work Wilson addresses a variety of things that make Christianity unparalleled. Whether it is simply the fact that God is a person, that God is triune, or that Jesus is God, the author combines a wonderfully readable tone with sharp reason and biblical thinking to show his readers the differences between the Christian faith and all other ways of thinking.  Wilson helps us consider the identity of God, the brokenness of humanity, Jesus—his deity and his resurrection—and the eternal destiny of people along with many other valuable topics in his presentation. He combines solid biblical study with very relatable life stories to make this book quite useful and easily readable.


I have always loved the writings of Jared Wilson. He presents in everything he writes a sweet picture of the grace of God. He certainly never compromises in his communication about our sin and need of a savior, nor does he compromise in his call for Christians to obey the call of God. At the same time, Wilson understands that we will never obey our way into heaven and we cannot earn our way into the favor of God. Wilson writes well in a way that will both challenge and encourage believers.


I also believe that this work would be a great resource for Christians to use in ongoing discussion with friends who are not sure about the faith. The ten chapters of this book could each be used as very helpful discussion guides to show a non-believer just what Christianity is all about.


I received a copy of this book from Baker Books in exchange for my writing of an honest review.