Living in the Light – A Review

John Piper. Living in the Light: Money, Sex and Power. Purcellville VA: The Good Book Company, 2016. 144 pp. $11.00.



John Piper has always had a knack for helping believers to biblically view the important issues of life in the light of God’s glory. In Living in the Light, the latest of his books, Piper shines the light of the word and glory of God on the significant issues of money, sex, and power. As he unpacks these important areas in the lives of believers, he shows how each can be destructive if approached from a man-centered worldview or a great blessing when approached with the glory of Christ at the center.


This offering from Piper is wonderfully readable and mature. Unlike some of his earlier works, Piper is able to write to his audience as a retired pastor. His language is simpler than in some of his more scholarly works, but his counsel is profound, loving, and timeless. He is able to approach the topic of sexuality with an honest maturity—clear and real without ever being salacious or prudish—that is so often lacking in modern works. Piper very clearly helps his readers grasp how the gifts that God gives us can be treasures for displaying his majesty and bringing us joy or they can be destructive icebergs that can bring shipwreck to our lives. The book offers solid counsel for believers for being sure that our focus is right so that we can deeply enjoy money, sex, and influence without allowing them to do us harm.


I would happily recommend Piper’s work to any sincere believer. This book could be a great tool for a discipleship group or small group Bible study. The only caution that I would give is that leaders must recognize that, since sexuality is one of the topics, the study requires a level of maturity to be present.


I received a free audio copy of this book from as part of their reviewers program. The recording of this work is of the highest quality, as are all of the books sold by this company.