Favor – A Review

Greg Gilbert. Favor: Finding Life at the Center of God’s Affection. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2017. 178 pp. $9.85.


I’m growing to love the writings of Greg Gilbert. His work with Mark Dever devoted to helping us understand church health is highly valuable. His little book, What is the Gospel, is a wonderful tool in helping believers to understand a simple presentation of the true faith. And now Gilbert has produced a solid book on helping us to know how to understand, gain, and enjoy the favor of God.


In Favor, Gilbert takes on the false understandings of the favor of God that are often put forth by prosperity preachers and legalists worldwide. Then Gilbert shows how the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to the favor of god. As in What is the Gospel, Gilbert speaks to us clearly and relatably about the way of salvation in Christ. Then Gilbert spends half of the book showing us the glorious benefits of life in the favor of God.


As a pastor, I would quickly recommend this book to a variety of people in the church. Gilbert’s writing is so engaging and simple that any believer of any level could read and benefit from the book. Believers struggling with contentment or guilt could gain from the insights of the text. This book would make a fine tool in the toolbox of a biblical counselor who wants to help a person see that the gospel, and not our performance, is the source of our receiving favor from the Lord. Even non-believers who assume they must work their way into the favor of God could benefit from the clear gospel at the beginning of this work.


Are you struggling to actually believe that God loves you? Read this book. Are you wondering if your failures in the past are keeping you from the goodness of God? Read this book. Are you foolishly thinking that you have earned something good from God by your good behavior? Read this book. Are you wanting to know how to communicate the gospel of Christ and the sweetness of his Favor? Read this book.


•           I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.