Daily Time in the Word: Legalism or Just a Right Idea

How do you handle the word of God on a daily basis? Obviously, I’m asking Christians here. What do you do with Scripture from day-to-day? Are you reading the word of God? Are you actually putting in work to understand it, to learn it, to apply it, to obey it?


Wait a minute. Nobody says that we have a biblical command to read the word every day. That is not written in Scripture. So we cannot give each other a guilt trip over daily quiet time. Besides, all of us have different schedules and different capacities.


Look at something that David said about his time in the word of God.


Psalm 119:15 – I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.


David, the man after God’s heart, when speaking of the word of God, overflows with love and praise. Here, in the longest of the Psalms, David says that he will meditate on God’s word. He is going to take time to really think, really mull over the word of God. David is not merely going to do a cursory reading and immediately walk back into his normal life. He is going to let the word of God have its impact on him.


No, I cannot and will not make a rule for any Christian regarding required Bible reading. I will not tell you how much you have to read or how long you have to spend reading. But I will say that, if King David saw that meditation on the word of God was a right and lovely thing, if God saw fit to inspire that love in David and to have it recorded in holy Scripture, then we should see that this is a good thing. Thus regular time in the word of God, meditating on and studying the Scripture, should be a part of a healthy Christian life. And if your life lacks in time in the Scripture, you should examine yourself carefully. You should ask the Lord to help you. And you should work to make time to do the life work of growing in the word of God.