A Good Reason to Care about the Bible

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the simple stuff. We need someone to show us how we ought to think about things we have not considered in a while.


With that, I pose the question, “Why care about Scripture?” There are hundreds of reasons, of course, but let’s see one. This reason should help us to think well as Christians. It should also cause those who are unsure about the faith to think twice.


Psalm 119:73 – Your hands have made and fashioned me; give me understanding that I may learn your commandments.


David, in a song devoted to the praise of God and his word, writes for us a reason that we may not always consider as to why the Bible matters. God made us. Because God made us, he can speak best about who we are, why we exist, and how we can have life and fulfillment.


Stop and consider. If you were playing the latest game on your gaming system of choice—Switch, X-Box, whatever—and you found yourself in a place where you were stuck, what would help you solve the problem? What if you had, sitting on your couch next to you, the person who programmed the game. The guy who wrote the code is right there. If he told you the sequence of moves to solve the puzzle or defeat the boss, might it not be a good idea to listen to him?


We have better than the video game programmer sitting next to us. We have the One who created us within reach. God has spoken to us. The very God who knit our bodies together and designed our souls has chosen to reveal himself to us. He has shown us how to live. He has shown us how to know him. He has shown us what will bring us ultimate joy. And he has put all of that information in his holy word, a book which he has declared perfect and sufficient and living.


So, we, like David, should recognize that, if God put us together, we should care about his word. And if you find yourself saying that you do not think God made you, I simply pose the question of where you came from. Is there anything that gives you meaning, hope, and help in life to actually guide you through this existence? God’s word is solid, revealing to us our true Creator. That is one reason to take it very seriously.

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