How Do You Evaluate the Rightness of God?

How do you evaluate the actions and choices of the Lord? I wonder if you ever think of that question. God has shaped the world in a certain way. God has chosen to save people by a particular means. God has chosen that his worship will involve certain actions and exclude others. And many of us look at those things and evaluate, in our own minds, whether or not we approve.


Psalm 18:30-31


30 This God—his way is perfect;

the word of the Lord proves true;

he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

31 For who is God, but the Lord?

And who is a rock, except our God?


When David speaks of the Lord in Psalm 18, he gives us something to think about as we consider the ways of the Lord. According to verse 30, God’s way is perfect.


Now, stop and think. Based on what measure is the way of God perfect? Is God’s way perfect because it fits our approval? Is God’s way perfect because it is in keeping with societal norms and expectations? Is God’s way perfect because it is measured by an external rubric of perfection?


I do not think that God and his ways are evaluated as perfect because God is conforming to an external measure of perfection. Instead, as the verses tell us, there are a couple of things that demonstrate to us that God is perfect. His word shows him to be perfect. And his identity as the one God, the only God, is what shows him to be perfect.


Perhaps consider this concept as you compare your actions to those of God. If you and I do wrong, what makes it wrong? It is not society, as the values of society change. What makes human action moral or immoral, according to Scripture, basically is a question of whether or not our actions accurately reflect the character and ways of God in accord with his word. If we do things that match the values of God, we are right. If we do things that oppose the Lord, we are wrong.


But what about God? By what is he measured? The answer is actually the same as in our case. God cannot be measured by an external rule, because that would set the external rule above the Lord. Instead, God is measured by God. The ways of God are right because they are the ways of God. Right is right because it matches the character of God. God is good because he is God, not because his ways are measured by anything outside of God.


So, how do you and I evaluate the ways of God? We dare not hold up to God a standard that is our own. God will not conform to your will or mine. God, his ways are perfect. God is the one and only measure of righteousness. And so we should make our evaluations of God’s actions by submitting ourselves to the ways and word of the Lord and not by attempting to measure God by our own thoughts and standards.