True or False

Sometimes we have to look at a claim in Scripture and make a very clear, very personal decision. We have to answer a very simple question. Is what God inspired here true or false? Hopefully, that decision is already made by your commitment to the word of God, but in the reality in which we live, there will be times that truths hit us in the face and force us to again deal with the implications of a passage from the start.

Think about it. There are things in Scripture that, if you accept them as true, must inform all the rest of your theology. There are things in Scripture that, if you accept them as true, they will impact the way you see the entire universe. True or false is a big question.

Psalm 115:3

Our God is in the heavens;
he does all that he pleases.

This claim is massive, absolutely massive. Is it true or false? If it is true, what does it say? If it is not true, well, then all of Scripture is out of whack.

The psalmist is comparing the real God to the idols of the nations. Our God is real, statues are false gods. The God of the Bible is real. Other gods of other religions are not. This is the claim.

But then, here in verse 3, the psalmist makes another claim, a worldview changing, theology altering claim. God does whatever he pleases.

Is that true? Does God do all that God pleases? If he does, then God is sovereign, and sovereign over all things. God is not just sovereign over some things while leaving other things to chance. If God does all that he pleases, then God is not, at any point, sitting in heaven disappointed that humanity will not do the thing he wanted them to do in their free will. If God does all that he pleases, then God is pleased, in the end, with the outcome of all human history. If God does all he pleases, no human being overrides the command of God to God’s sorrow. If God does all he pleases, eternally we will see that God was truly the Lord over all.

Ask yourself how your worldview must change if it is true that God does all that he pleases. What changes if you realize that you do not thwart God’s will, and neither does anyone else? What changes when you realize that there is no plan of God’s that will go unaccomplished? What changes when you see that there truly is no molecule in the universe outside of God’s control and no thing in the universe over which God cannot declare ownership?

This is a big truth. It raises big questions. And we who love thinking we are in control will struggle. But let yourself ask the true or false question? God does all that he pleases—true or false? If it is true, then you and I have to work from a point of view that places God highest and demonstrates that we are his subjects, not his rulers or judges.

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  1. Good beautiful morning! Thank you for the spiritual food you have blessed me this morning and every time I read the Truth of our Creator through your wisdom pastor Travis. Our Father God is in control and I am grateful to Him. Saved by His grace, love in His truth, Dana.

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