Some Songs We Need

In the final section of Psalm 119, I notice a verse that has not previously gotten my attention, but which has it now.

Psalm 119:172

My tongue will sing of your word,
for all your commandments are right.

David writes that he is going to sing of God’s word. Of course, that is precisely what is happening in Psalm 119. It also is what we see done in Psalm 19. Those texts beautifully proclaim the value and perfection of the word of God.

The thing that got my attention is that, as someone who has led worship for years, I do not know of many new songs that really sing of the word of God. We sing of salvation. We sing of the joys of heaven to come (though not as much as we used to). We sing of Jesus. We sing songs calling the church to action. But, off the top of your head, what is a modern song about the word of God?

Without making this a challenge for people’s musical memories, and without discussing the value of a dated song like “Thy Word,” and without having someone demand a Psalms only song set, I would like to say that we need more songs, new songs, that sing of the word of God. God’s word is perfect. God’s word is our lifeline of revelation so that we know and can obey the Lord. Without God’s word, we are hopelessly floundering in life.

Now, note the devotional value in the verse too. David will sing of God’s word. Something about the word of God is so great to David to make it worthy of a song. Think of how many things around you are not song worthy. Then consider how great is the value of the word that God would inspire a man, in a song, to remind us that the word of God is worth singing about. O may we treat the word as a song-worthy treasure.

And, secondly, notice that David says all of God’s commandments are right. Do you believe that? Be careful. There are commandments in the word that tend to embarrass us. There are commandments that we hide from. Are you really ready to say that all God’s commandments are right?

I will say that all God’s commandments are right. How dare I? How can I say that? God is always right. I believe the word of God to be his revelation of himself to us. And thus, all his commandments are right. He shows us what is right by him showing us himself and his will. He defines right. God is not measured by a right that is outside of him. Right is measured by whether or not it fits the ways and word of God.