It Matters Who Is Our Maker

In Jeremiah 10, the prophet speaks to the nation of Israel to warn them against learning the ways of the surrounding nations. He especially warns against astrology and idolatry. And then he takes some time to point out the silliness of bowing to statues. After all, Jeremiah reminds them that they know of the wood that was cut and the work of the smith and the sewing of the clothing for the statue. But then to think that the statue that you watched being put together is somehow your deity, that is absurd.

At the end, Jeremiah takes the people back to one place. Who made you? The God who made you is the real God. A god you made, not so much.

Jeremiah 1011, 14-16

11 Thus shall you say to them: “The gods who did not make the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under the heavens.” …
14 Every man is stupid and without knowledge;
every goldsmith is put to shame by his idols,
for his images are false,
and there is no breath in them.
15 They are worthless, a work of delusion;
at the time of their punishment they shall perish.
16 Not like these is he who is the portion of Jacob,
for he is the one who formed all things,
and Israel is the tribe of his inheritance;
the Lord of hosts is his name.

Stop and consider the question of creation. It really matters who made us. If we exist at the creative decree of the God of the Bible, everything else must align to that fact. If God really formed us, then God is God and we are not. If God made the universe, he is infinitely wiser than us, infinitely stronger than us, infinitely greater than us. If God made us by his power and for his glory, then we exist under his ownership, and we owe him our fealty, we owe him the right due the Creator. If God made us, he has the right to define what we are to be and how we are to live.

Jeremiah reminded the people that the God who made us is real and all other things we bow to are simply man-made objects. It makes no sense to worship what you make yourself. And we must remember that we are creation, owned by God, under his rule. WE must live as his subjects for his great glory. And we must reject the notion that we can do anything to overthrow him or redefine him or otherwise shape the world that he made to our whim.