Jesus Fulfills the Law and the Prophets

When Jesus walked up the mountain with Peter, John, and James in Matthew 17, something glorious and supernatural occurred. Jesus displayed for the disciples to see his divine, kingly glory. Jesus was transfigured, shining bright with holiness. And, in an interesting piece to the story, Moses and Elijah appear and talk with the Savior.

Matthew 17:3 – And behold, there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, talking with him.

When you think about this scene, keep this fact in your mind. In Jesus’ day, the Old Testament of the Bible was often referred to as the law and the prophets. The law was even sometimes simply called Moses, since Moses wrote the books of the law, the first five books of the Bible.

Suddenly, with Jesus, the disciples see two other figures. Moses and Elijah arrive on the scene. This is truly an amazing and holy moment. Moses, the Old Testament figure most connected with God’s law and Elijah, the Old Testament figure most connected with the prophets, are both standing with the Son of god and having a conversation.

How fitting is this? Jesus came to earth and would perfectly fulfill the law of God. Jesus came to earth and perfectly fulfills the prophecies of the coming of the Christ. All of Scripture points to Jesus. All the law and the prophets are perfectly completed in the person and work of the Son of god. And here God shows us that a reason to love Jesus is that he is the one to whom all Scripture points. He is superior to Moses. He is superior to the prophets. Jesus is God in flesh.