Bible Reading Plan for 2020

I find that I always do better in reading the word of God when a couple of things are true for me. First, I always do better when reading through a plan and not simply trying to pick passages. Second, I do a better job of reading when I do so in fellowship with others. When other people and I are reading the same thing, it seems that we all benefit one another.

Because I believe that many believers are encouraged by reading with a plan and reading through that plan together, I want to invite any of you who are interested to join me in my 2020 Bible reading plan for the year. In 2020, I’ll be working through the Discipleship Journal Bible-in-a-Year reading plan. I’ve used it, as well as many other plans in the past. It is not perfect—no plan I’ve yet discovered is—but it has some strengths and Is quite good.

This plan walks us through the Bible in one calendar year. It offers 4 daily readings from 4 passages of Scripture. The variety of passages is sometimes helpful, as we find ourselves learning from multiple parts of Scripture every day: Gospels, Epistles, History, and Wisdom literature. Another benefit of this plan is that it requires only 25 days of reading per month, thus allowing for catching up or for other studies.

If you would like to see the plan, you can download it from the Navigators’ web site at the following link:

Many Bible programs that you have on your phone will offer this reading plan as an option. Simply search for “Discipleship Journal” and see if it pops up.

This plan may or may not be for you. If it is not, I’d encourage you to find something that will help you to spend focused time in the word this next year.

If, however, you are interested in joining me in this reading plan, make sure you have access to the reading plan. We’ll begin on January 1.