Remembering the Power of God – A HEAR Journal Entry

H – Highlight

Psalm 114:7

Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord,
at the presence of the God of Jacob,

E – Explain

Psalm 114 is an 8-verse song of the glorious power of god. The poet cites the miracles of God as he led Israel up out of Egypt. We see in this song, in personification, the Red Sea and the Jordan drawing back and the mountains running and hiding.

In the verse I highlighted above, we see the point. The earth trembles at the presence of the Lord. God is so awesome that the earth, that all of creation, quakes in his presence.

A – Apply

I should be quick to celebrate the great miracles of God. He truly, physically parted the Red Sea, held back the waters of the Jordan, made the mountains smoke and quake, and brought water from the rocks in the desert. God is Almighty. In our modern age, we have a tendency not to think about the miracles of the Lord. We can, if we are not careful, relegate those accounts to the past and assume that the Lord is no longer involved in our affairs. But this is far from the truth.

R – Respond

Prayer: Lord, I remember your mighty acts in drawing Israel up out of Egypt, and I rejoice. I praise you for your glorious power. I remember that you move mountains, part waters, and do things that only you can do. And you are just as active in changing the world today as you were then. I pray that you will help me to truly, actively trust in your might and your world-changing power. Help me to remember that, even if I do not see you shake mountains as the people did in the exodus, you are still changing hearts, healing diseases, and shaping the world to accomplish your ultimate purposes.